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Albany Stadium Pool Entrance

2will physiotherapy & pain management and Francis its director work in partnership with Albany Stadium Pool and Auckland Council to help those with a variety of chronic and persistent pain or complex injuries that need ongoing care.

As many of you are well-aware I have a particular passion for helping those who have been affected by chronic or complex pain. It is a VERY under-resourced part of the health sector in New Zealand, and my goal is (and has been some time) to create a system that can provide them with an effective long-term guidance and services

I am hoping that the partnership between 2will physiotherapy with Albany Stadium Pool and Auckland Council will be able to achieve exactly that, and reach deeper into those who are unaware of how to deal with their pain – most of you have been there.

Here is an overview of the model and the related costs involved:


1. Consultations

This is one-on-one 40min sessions

  • Private initial: $96
  • Private follow-ups: $86
  • ACC initial: $56
  • ACC follow-ups: 46

($10 off if over 65)


2. Exercise Programme Setups / Reviews

Obviously for those who need to exercise in order to improve well.

These can be either done in:

  • Consultation sessions as above, or
  • In a Class of 2 (we can organise this for you), or sometimes, during our "Open Sessions" (see below): $38

3. For those who need ongoing exercises for a period of time

and need some level of consistent supervision

  • Albany Stadium Pool and Auckland Council offer discounted prices for patients of 2will physiotherapy
    • $16.60 per week no-contract membership, $25 joining fee
    • $13.20 casual
    • $118.80 for 10 x concession

Francis runs "Open Sessions" on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9:20-11:20am and 4:20-5:20pm (Fri sessions are upon request)  where he will be at the gym area to give supervision and coaching.

These are FREE for those who 1) have already have gone through Exercise Programme Setup with Francis, and 2) paying abovementioned fees to Albany Stadium Pool.

Open Sessions are our effort to provide a consistent supervision and guidance that is affordable, so you can come to exercise more often (frequency is very important when trying to shift persistent conditions) without having to pay us more. We want you to use it well and get better quickly. 

For those who cannot attend open sessions but still need to be supervised regularly, Francis will find a way to make it work for you. 


4. Hydrotherapy

tailored for those who are struggling

Albany Stadium Pool has one of the most hydrotherapy-friendly pools in Auckland, with warm water, ramp-entry and suitable pool and lane sizes. The pool is undergoing maintenance from 1st until 23rd of October, when Francis will begin the weekly hydrotherapy Tuesday morning hydrotherapy sessions.

These very much hands-on sessions are very much focused on those who are having a great difficulty with their body due to pain or other physical conditions. More information will follow during October.


While our model is somewhat complicated, we ask you to simply trust us. We will discuss options for you every step of the way so you are on a plan that you feel comfortable, with the best result possible.

Please contact Francis at or 0220 877 949 (texting usually is the best).