2will clinical model of pain management

Chronic Pain Management

Above diagram shows a section of our clinical model of chronic pain management. It is a bit complicated but what we aim to do is to gather all major pain concepts and evidence from current and past literature, and put them into clinical practice.

The thing about improving from chronic pain is that there is no silver bullet or one-cure-for-all. There is simply no single approach that works for everyone. Instead it requires comprehensive multi-faceted approach involving psychology (mind), physiology (body) and behaviour (education & practice). All of these need to be worked at consistently for a period of time, strongly guided by scientific concepts that we read and study during and outside work.

For example, let’s look at possible causes of persistent of pain. Researches suggest this can be attributed to primary/secondary hyperalgesia, cortical changes, DNIC issues, higher-centre modulation changes, sympathetic drive, incorrect allostasis, compromised immune system, persistent neural signature mapping. We then will need to look at how these might be influencing your condition and work out “backwards” what need to be done in order to make positive changes.

In order for this to occur we need

1) highly-capable therapist
2) willing patient
3) environment that is conducive for abovementioned approach

2will physiotherapy and pain management is a business purpose-built for this goal and our clinicians undergo rigorous training in order to be capable of delivering our model.

If you suffer from a chronic / complex condition, you may be quite disillusioned with some experiences with medical profession & physiotherapy. You’ll find our holistic approach focused on long-term sustainability & gains effective, therapeutic, and even enjoyable.

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