How we can help chronic pain or complex injuries

Our chronic pain management approach can help you recover from conditions, such as:

- Chronic back & neck pain
- Nerve pain / radiculopathy
- Complex traumatic/sports injuries
- Headache and jaw /facial pain
- Complex Regional Pain Sydrome
- Musicians' injuries
- Overuse injuries
- Fibromyalgia
- Arthritis
- Scoliosis
- Post-op pain

These conditions are often challenging because they are very “grey” – lacking an outright treatment or endpoint of the condition. Thus we have certain principles around which we have built our rehabilitation methods:

1. Clinical Efficacy – evidence-based and driven by thorough clinical reasoning in everything that we do
2. Consistency – aiming for gradual change in physiological, behavioural and psychological facets of the condition
3. Affordability – our own Clinical Exercise Studio allows huge flexibility in cost
4. Holistic Care – we help you to resolve psychological, social as well as medical aspect of your condition

We’ll be your coach, companion, and clinician, the backbone of your rehabilitation (sorry for the pun).

Please have a look at our clinical model of pain management which describes our approach in more detail: click here, or contact us.