We want to contribute to the progression of physiotherapy profession in Auckland and New Zealand

Physiotherapy can be practised in many different ways (and the historical evidence suggests that it is difficult to suggest one modality is superior to another), and this heterogeneity is what makes our profession interesting but at the same time inconsistent in quality.

We advocate not in treatment modalities (that's up to the individual clinicians) but in the clinical frameworks behind the reasonings of management or treatment. The current movement that is spreading throughout the world is the integration of biopsychosocial framework into what had traditionally been a purely musculoskeletal mindset of physiotherapists. We fully support such movement and see that such integration is a critical step towards expanding our professional responsibilities and validity of our clinical practice.

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Upcoming workshops:

25th of May 2018:

Departing from biostructure-only physiotherapy: incorporating neurophysiology into clinical practice. 2-hour workshop and collaborative discussion. Please click here for further details. 

November 2018 (date unconfirmed)

Pilates and exercise rehabilitation workshop: using case-formulation approach. Further details to be supplied in future.