Covid-19 safety protocol for 2will physiotherapy & pain management

New Zealand has done amazingly well in the face of this adversity. Now we have reached a stage where we have a genuine chance to suppress the virus permanantly from our communities. 

If you are coming to 2will physiotherapy & pain management, you'll also need to follow a safety protocol. While this is a bit of a hassle, it is certainly not as much hassle as the consequences of the virus becoming out of control.

Please read this page very thoroughly and see you soon.

Screening Questionnaire

Screening form must be completed before the appointment for those who are attending the clinic for the first time since lockdown.

Francis will hand this to you when he greets you.

Those who have attended since the lockdown and returning, will be asked the same screening questions verbally before the start of EVERY consultation.

The consultation will not proceed if the risk is considered high.

What do I need to bring?

We decided that having patients bring their own "bedding" for the treatment is the best way to clean the surfaces between patients and keep the cost down for a small practice like 2will.

For each consultation you need to bring:

  • Two large towels (as big as you can find) - for your own comfort
  • A pillow or a suitable alternative
  • Change of attir if necessary (e.g. shorts, singlet)


Washing your hands

Washing hands is the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to minimise the contagion. You must wash your hands (and face if having a TMJ or facial pain consultation) before the consultation.


Patient attendance is automatically recorded in the clinic management programme. Any accompanying person will need to be recorded in the system with their name and contact number.

Can I bring someone?

You really need to come alone, unless an accompaniment is necessaryThe accompaniment must wait in the car whenever possible.

Copy of the questionnaire?

If you'd like to read the copy of the Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire, please click here.


Masks and PPE

Masks will be provided to patients if necessary or requested.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is NOT needed if patient passes the screening, no aerosol-generating procedure is performed, and there is no exposure to bodily fluids.

Francis will happily wear a mask if necessary or requested.

Using the gym?

As patients of 2will you will have an access to the amazing facilities at Albany Stadium Pool. Common sense applies during the times of Covid-19:

  • You must have a towel with you while using the gym
  • Please keep distance
  • Sanitise your hands regularly
  • Please keep workouts to an hour at the most

What is the meaning of


Recovering from difficult pain conditions takes two willing people:

1. a willing patient, and

2. a willing clinician

If you are a willing patient, contact us; we'll do everything we can to help you.