Our exercise studio is fabulously flexible and well-balanced

At 2will physiotherapy & pain management clinic we perform clinical exercises for rehabilitation (in which Pilates is a major part as well). It means that we apply knowledge of clinical medicine, pathology and rehabilitation into the exercises. What this means for you is a true individualisation where every element of every exercise is thought out with expected results in the back of our minds.

We offer 3 types of exercise rehabilitation & Pilates services:

– One-on-one. The cost of this is the same as our normal consultations (i.e. $93 initial, $83 follow-up).

– Self-directed. As the name suggests, you do the exercises that we have written out on your own. We created this because this way our clients or patients can really reinforce what they have learnt in one-on-one or class in a cost-effective way (i.e. you can come more often). $15 per session or $115 for 10 x concession card (you must go through necessary one-on-one sessions before being able to do this).

– Class / short-supervision. We do this as a bridge between One-on-One and Self-directed as it does take a few sessions for most people to pick up the exercise techniques. It allows affordable supervision for our patients. We try to group these clients together – 2 or 3 – and help them through as needed. The cost is between $38 and $15.

This flow of one-on-one class independent sessions allow out studio to be very affordable for our clients, but at the same time have very close guidance and coaching from our physiotherapists. Some people may come just once a week for a class, or independent sessions. Those who may need more intense rehabilitation (e.g. shoulder or disc issues) would come three independent sessions per week and have a supervised session fortnightly for review. 

We truly allow an effective combination of individualisation, supervision, affordability, and expertise into your exercises whatever your needs are. 

And carefully chosen equipments and the brains of our physiotherapists mean that massively wide range of needs can be met in our studio, from frail and elderly looking for most gentle assisted exercises to rugby players aiming to do heavy resistance training, and crossfit-type drills to dancers doing Pilates.

Please contact us to discuss with us what your best option.

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