Yes, we are closing - but only so we can move onto something better.

 I established 2will physiotherapy and pain management in 2010 with a goal of providing the best physiotherapy possible with a major focus on helping those with chronic pain.

And while I believe that we have achieved this to a large degree I have been increasingly burdened by the responsibilities of running a full-scale premise and a business. As I have come to a realisation that what I truly  want is to grow my professional career clinically (rather than in the business sense), and reach my goals which is now a fair bit different from what they were when I established the business, I decided that the best way was to wind down the premise at Ellice Road and start solo again somewhere else.




By far, the saddest part of this is parting with the staffs of 2will – Beth, Josh and Michelle. As most of you who have been to our clinic would be aware we are very close and have great fun at work. They have been the most amazing people one could have at the workplace and I (and I’m sure you will all) will miss the environment they have created over the years.

As Josh and Michelle have found new employments I would greatly appreciate it if you could support them by going to them for treatment and management of your conditions:


Josh is going to Takapuna Physiotherapy

Takapuna Physiotherapy

439 Lake Road, Takapuna

P (09) 486 3194


Michelle is going to Return to Form

Return to Form Physiotherapy

Ponsonby Clinic: Lev 1, 334 Ponsonby Road, Three Lamps, Ponsonby

Wynyard Quarter Clinic: 120 Beaumont St, Wynyard Quarter

P: (09) 551 4460

As for Beth, she is in the process of negotiating final details at her new work.

And me: I will be continuing the name 2will physiotherapy at Albany Stadium Pool – the new council-run leisure centre at Albany Mega Centre. More information here.

The official last day is the 28th of Sep 2018. We’ll be shouting a morning tea for anyone who would like to come, between 10:40am and 12pm.


If you have been booked beyond September, you will either already know where to go, or we will be in touch with you in near future.

Thank you so much for your support over the years. It is very sad indeed to move on, but I’m very excited about what the future holds.

Kind regards and lots of love,

Francis Joung