Johannes Moser


Francis, in charge in Musicians’ Injuries Clinic in 2will physiotherapy and pain management clinic, is not a physiotherapist who treats musicians.

He is a musician who does physiotherapy.

And he does it very well of course. With his expertise 2will physiotherapy is the official provider of physiotherapy & injuries management for Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, and he has helped numerous musicians of diverse types and abilities.

His blend of knowledge that spans from chronic pain to sports injuries and rehabilitation, to technical aspects of instrument playing allows him to treat musicians most effectively. Auckland University School of Music also seeks his expertise for lecturing the medical and music students regarding injury prevention and management of musicians.


If you have any of these:

– Pain associated with playing your instrument (or singing), especially hand, wrist, elbow, shoulders, headache, lower back, tingling or numbness etc.

– No matter how much you try you just can’t perform certain technique or phrase/passage of music.

– Feeling tense or stiff from practice (or performance) and you’d like some hands-on work done to loosen you up.

– Wanting to know more about biomechanics that are involved in playing your instrument, and find whether your practice methods could be improved. (We understand the concept of “practice does not make perfect; only perfect practice makes perfect”)

– Wondering if there are any exercises that will work on your fitness to benefit your musicianship (musicians of course have different requirements from average sportsperson.)


Francis will sort you out. He has unique knowledge and techniques that are specific to the treatment of musicians’ injuries, and he has a set of decent ears to recognise good music when he hears one. Which, of course, is the ultimate goal.