Hi, Francis the director here.

Physiotherapy, contrary to common belief, is NOT literally "fixing" something. It is a problem-solving process to identify contributing factors and putting things in place to positively influence them.

This means open COMMUNICATION is the single most important agreement between us. If you have difficulty with this, that's ok; just let me know.

Standard appointment time is 40minutes.

My job is to get you to reach your goal. If a proposed plan sits outside of your budget or your comfort for any other reason, please let me know. I can alter the plan to suit your situation most of the time.

If you have an active ACC claim, it offers a limited amount of funding for your injury. After the ACC-approved sessions run out full charges will apply.

Please give us at least a day's notice if you have to change an appointment

I will be doing our absolute best for you to reach your goals. I expect you to do the same. This really means only two things – communicating with me, and doing your best to turn up. If you have chronic conditions, YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND SOME CONSISTENT TIME TO WORK ON YOURSELF to see progress.

2will physiotherapy & pain management is a sole-practice. I do consultations, correspondences, and paperwork on my own. Best way to get in touch is by texting (0220 877 949). It will often take more than a day for me to return the messages or call back however. If it is an urgent communication, just let me know that it is urgent.

The costs for services are outlined on this page.

Thanks and see you soon.

What is the meaning of


Recovering from difficult pain conditions takes two willing people:

1. a willing patient, and

2. a willing clinician.

If you are a willing patient, contact us; we'll do everything we can to help you.