Our mission is simple:

To provide and coordinate effective and accessible long-term chronic pain management for primary care.

We are one of very few clinics in NZ who are dedicated to the cause.


How does 2will provide pain management?

This requires a wholesales change from how physiotherapy is usually done. These involve changes in and/or application of:

  • Philosophical approach to medicine and healthcare
  • Clinical reasoning used (widening the scope from the traditional reductionistic hypothetico-deductive reasoning, to hypothesis-generating causality model of dispositional and abductive reasoning)
  • Scientific knowledge in pain
  • Biopsychosocial model and relevant knowledge
  • Management of biostructural component by influencing physical load distribution
  • Management of neurobiological component by facilitating endogenous pain modulation
  • Integration of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), with science of Relational Frame Theory (RFT) and Philosophy of Functional Contextualism

Francis is a member of NZ Pain Society, International Association for the Study of Pain, and Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, integrating current conceptual framework of pain into clinical practice.

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Our vision and model are backed by Auckland Council

Then the business itself must be structured to allow the above to occur naturally. The clinic must:

  • Create a business model that allows execution of the above clinical components (click here for our consultation structure)
  • Remove barriers to encourage the patients to attend frequently and be supervised consistently
  • Be an environment that is safe for their physical and mental health
  • Offer patients options to cater for individual needs
  • Offer pathways towards independence
  • Have a team that is prepared to meet the needs of this cohort of patients

Albany Stadium Pool and Auckland Council are giving amazing support to cater for the needs of our patients – they are truly on board with the goal of helping those who have withdrawn from the community and life-participation due to pain, fatigue and other physical conditions.


Types of patients who will benefit the most from us are those who:

  • Have just been discharged from the DHB Pain Team such as TARPS
  • Don’t meet the urgent criteria for DHB Pain Team and are waiting for assessment
  • Have post-operative pain (earlier the better)
  • Have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, acute or chronic
  • Have persistent or chronic pain of any nature
  • Are elderlies who need some level of physical conditioning but unsure how
  • Have had significant medical episodes needing long-term rehabilitation (stroke, spinal cord, complex trauma
  • Are having mental illnesses who may benefit from doing some regular exercises

We have often found that those with chronic pain or complex injuries “give up on themselves” due to lack of provision of pain services in primary care. They hear from health professionals something like: “there’s not a lot we can do and you have to learn to live with it”. 

Often all they need is a place where they can consistently turn up, exercise safely, discuss more helpful strategies and be guided.

2will physiotherapy & pain management clinic is where they can do that, so they will indeed learn to live meaningful lives regardless of whatever condition or history they have. Please click here to see examples of our work.