"Disc prolapse" are words that everyone hates to hear, with fears of surgery and "I-know-so-and-so-who-was-crippled-for-life".

However it does not need to be scary; it's actually quite straightforward if you truly know what's going on and what needs to be done. The pathways to recovery are very clear (and there's always more than one).

Of course, it's our job to help you to be educated, and to make most appropriate choices, whether it is a small disc bulge, or a full-blown disc prolapse. We can not only help you to get better ourselves but coordinate referrals to investigations, doctors and surgeons. 

Disc prolapse is painful, and often a scary experience

It tends to appear suddenly, as if your back is "about to snap". You'll often gettin on and off the chair excruciatingly painful and difficult, and you won't feel like "bending" your back. If it is not too bad, you'll find walking around generally easier, although too much will be painful. If it is bad enough, you'll struggle to take few steps and no position is comfortable.

But let me tell you, ALL THIS IS NORMAL in the context of a disc-related pain. I mean, if you sprain your joint, like ankle, you ARE EXPECTED to experience pain right? And vast majority of these, regardless of severity, make excellent, back-to-previous-level recovery.

KNOWING what to do, especially in the beginning, which will inform you what to do, is the key.

Spinal pain conditions, especially ones involving disc prolapses, are the most common conditions that we see in our clinic regardless of severity, acuteness or chronicity. It's our bread-and-butter.

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