Musicians injuries are unique from other "injuries" in a number of ways:

- they're almost always "repetitive" or "overuse" type of issues

- the "trauma" usually occurs during practices, not performances

- it's more prevalant in younger musicians (usually due to their extra-strong enthusiasm)

Like most repetitive-strain-type conditions, musicians' injuries can be quite tricky and certain contributing factors must be identified and remedied. Practice methods and techniques often need to be altered as well.

We'll help you with all of these and more.

Johannes Moser

International Cellist

Through the recommendation of the Auckland Philharmonia I have had the pleasure of working with 2will physiotherapy. In my line of work as a international soloist it is of very big importance to be balanced physically in order to give my best possible performance. After 30 hours of travel from Rome to Auckland and a demanding rehearsal schedule ahead of me, I was extremely pleased by the results Francis was able to achieve in very little time. I highly recommend his work to every musician and any professional with high demands on their body.