Headache & Migraine

There are number of conflicting theories and concepts in regards to headache and migraine. Here, we’ll give you a very short summary from Wall & Melzack’s Textbook of Pain , largely considered in the world as the bible of pain management.

There are occasion when some parts of the body can be sensitised. It means that the nerves will feel pain more willingly than other times. Think back to when you last had flu – did you feel quite tender around all your muscles? But we expect the tenderness to be gone when the flu finishes of course.

Headache or migraine is sensitised nerves – like when you had flu – somewhere in your neck and scalp. If the sensitised nerves occurred in the nerves that branched off from your neck to the scalp, you’ll have common “tension” headache, often at the back of the head, temples and “behind the eye”.

If the sensitised nerve occurred at the blood vessels – yes on the walls of the blood vessels – in the scalp, you can get “migraines”. And it’s “throbbing” because the walls of the blood vessels can amplify the sensation of blood passing. And because of their close relationship with other features around the head (eyes and ears), you could feel anything from a need to avoid light to full-on nausea.

It’s quite complicated.

Treatment needs to consist of careful diagnosis of the SOURCE OF SENSITISATIONwhere the sensitised nerves are and why they have started. Like most pain conditions we need to work on all following three aspects of the patient: physical aspect (exercises and manual therapy to desensitise the nerves), psychological aspect (education and integration), and behavioural aspect (effort from the patients to modify their way of thoughts and behaviours to create environment that is conducive to their recovery).

It will take compelling effort often for an extended period of time (months to years) from all parties involved to achieve recovery, but we believe that this always can be done with consistency, clinically accurate management, and right environment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us (email if you have a bigger query) and tell us about your conditions to take the first step towards your recovery.