Our Mission

Here’s what we’ve set out to do:

To provide the most effective and efficient care that is as much evidence-based as possible for all patients.

To provide and coordinate effective and accessible long-term chronic pain management for Primary Health Care.

To educate other health professionals and the students, of effective physiotherapy and chronic pain management.


Our general guidelines:

– 40min consultation duration. Each clinician here sees the maximum of 10 patients per day in standard working hours.

– Maximum of four clients at our Pilates studio at one time.

– The most thorough, accurate approach backed up by up-to-date clinical knowledge and thorough hands-on techniques.

– We don’t like to muck about – if you don’t meet our goals you’ll be referred straightaway for further investigations or opinions.

– We adapt our services to what each patient needs, desire and can afford.

– We never overservice.


2will is physiotherapy and chronic pain management at its best. For everyone.


“The clinical services that I have received and continue to receive from 2will physiotherapy are outstanding. Not only are they very skilled practitioners but their personal warmth, caring and integrity comes through in all that they do. Patients are listened to and receive personalised and monitored ongoing care as and when required.

I cannot recommend this practise highly enough.”

– Nerida Cath