The practitioners of 2will physiotherapy are experts in the field of chronic pain. Below is a collection of testimonials from past clients.

I highly recommend the 2will physiotherapy Chronic Pain Workshop approach to eliminating long-term pain.  This programme, with the guidance of Francis Joung, helped me to finally be pain free after 3 years.  During this time, I routinely woke in pain in the dead of night, several times weekly, with corresponding negative effects on both my personal and professional life.  Now, I have been pain free for more than a month, and my quality of life is significantly improved.  I am very glad that Francis realised what might be causing my pain and helped me work my way through it to a solution.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Coe

Just a quick note to thank you for your great work.

Being a builder and given the accidents I have had over the years I have suffered severe back pain for nearly half my life. I have gone to many specialists over the years and have never really had good effective therapy relieving the pain.

That all changed when I came to see Francis after once again hurting my back. He fixed me up good as new. Since then I go to regular sessions, use the great back maintenance advice and no longer suffer from back pain. It really has improved daily life for me.

So thanks Francis and everyone at 2will physiotherapy.

Kind regards

Dan Young

The best Physios ever! Thank you for helping me with my wrist & back and my Shaun with his elbow. So happy to see him happy! :)

Kimberley Borland

The clinical services that I have received and continue to receive from 2will physiotherapy are outstanding. Not only are they very skilled practitioners  but their personal warmth, caring and integrity comes through in all that they do. Patients are listened to and receive personalised and monitored on -going care as and when required.

I cannot recommend this practise highly enough.

Nerida Cath

Firstly though I would like to thank you so much for the help you gave me. I have known for a long time something has been wrong but didn’t want to know so just kept going. If it was not for you sending the letter to the doctors re my balance I know the issue would not have been dealt with.

I continued driving (badly) to work until in October I got bad fluid retention and realized I had not been well for ages so went to the Dr and again mentioned my balance and walking, this time they took action and referred me to Neurology at Auckland Hospital. I have seen a neurologist who picked up straight away I have a nerve problem with the mylon sheath being damaged and have no sensation in my feet or now my hands. An official diagnosis has not been reached, I am waiting for a lumbar puncture and for all other things to be ruled out. It is pretty much confirmed that it could be MS or a form of it.

I wanted to let you know that 2will physiotherapy and your excellent help got me started on the road to recovery – I am not there yet but have stopped work and driving and will need physio to learn to walk properly but the exercises and help you gave me really helped and I feel indebted to you. Never know you may see me again yet.

Thank you so much


Francis actually cares about the wellbeing of his patients and gives value for money. and while most  physios allow for a 15 minute session including a standard manipulation, Francis goes the distance and allows for a range of treatment to tackle the aches and pains..”


After an accident I had a long-term shoulder problem that doctors and an Alexander teacher could not solve.  It prevented me from all activity that involved raising my right arm for any length of time, and that included playing the violin.  My music degree was in jeopardy.

Francis was the first to properly diagnose and solve the problem, which was actually in my spine and not the shoulder itself.  Within weeks I was able to practise properly again, and am now thrilled to have finished my music degree.  Francis is not only a great physiotherapist but also a musician (classical guitar) and thus has very good insight into a musician’s needs.  I highly recommend him.

Susan Davies

I came to 2will Physiotherapy, with a injury that went back 15 years. I found the concise and professional way Francis treated my injury to be excellent and supportive.

I have been to many different Physiotherapists for treatment on this annoying injury and Francis was the only one to refer me on to a surgeon for consultation. As it turns out, thanks to the MRI scan arranged by Francis, we now know exactly what is wrong and how to minimise the pain and annoyance for the future. I have yet to experience a friendlier, professional  and more motivated team than the team lead by Francis at 2will physiotherapy.

Thanks to Francis and the 2will physiotherapy team for assisting in my treatment and rehab to enjoy a better quality of life.

Kindest Regards

Nathan Gilchrist

It just works for me. I’d never do any exercises at home apart from walking and to be able to come here twice a week and do Pilates is absolutely perfect for me and my angina.

Murray Beck

Visiting 2will physiotherapy has been a positive experience.  The friendly 2will team are a pleasure to deal with, and Francis has taught me valuable lessons in looking after myself when playing piano.  The chocolates in the waiting room are a bonus!