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Albany Stadium Pool Entrance

2will physiotherapy & pain management and Francis its director work in partnership with Albany Stadium Pool and Auckland Council to help those with a variety of chronic and persistent pain or complex injuries that need ongoing care.

Francis has an enormous passion for helping those who have been affected by chronic or complex pain. Management of unresolving pain is unfortunately a VERY under-resourced part of the health sector in New Zealand, and his goal has been to create a system that can provide an effective and affordable long-term guidance and services.

With an amazing support from Albany Stadium Pool and Auckland Council, Francis is able to achieve exactly that - one that is also continuously evolving - and reach deeper into those who are unaware of how to deal with their pain as well as the challenges that it can bring to their lives. Some of you have already been there.

Here is an overview of the model and the related costs involved:


1. Consultations

These are one-on-one 40min sessions

  • Private initial: $96
  • Private follow-ups: $86
  • ACC initial: $56
  • ACC follow-ups: 46

2. Exercise Classes

These "classes" are the core of long-term management for most patients undergoing rehabilitation

Researches show that the major factor associated with good outcome from rehabiliitation of chronic pain and complex injuries is FREQUENT and CONSISTENT meetings with good clinicians (simply because the problem is complex). Unfortunately this is difficult for many because of high cost obviously related to consultations and attendance.

"Exercise classes" at 2will is our way of removing these barriers. In these classes Francis roams around the gym (and even the pool) and give supervision and guidance to any of his patients. They will only pay either the casual entry to the gym (around $13), or nothing at all if members of the gym (which is only around $16 per week).

And in case you haven't realised, APPROPTIATE exercising is arguably the most important aspect of rehabilitation. However what actually occurs at these classes are extremely individualised for each patient - one may look like a personal training session, another may look like an educational counselling, while others may look like conventional "therapy". 

The focus is the same: to facilitate engagement of body's ability to modulate pain. It is just that how everyone can achieve this is often different.

If you thought that exercising is painful and impossible with your conditions, the extensive scientific knowledge, and patient and empathetic guidance Francis brings, combined with the amazing facilities that the Albany Stadium Pool provides, you will soon realise that what you thought was impossible is very much achievable.

The class times are:

  • Monday: 9:30am - 11:30am, 5:00pm - 5:45pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30am - 11:30am, 5:00pm - 6:30pm
  • Friday: 9:30am - 11:30am

You can turn up any time between those times. And special "classes" can be created for those who really cannot make these. 


3. Hydrotherapy

tailored for those who are in need of an anti-gravity approach

Albany Stadium Pool has one of the most hydrotherapy-friendly pools in Auckland, with warm water, ramp-entry (and wheelchair and hoist for those who need it) and suitable pool and lane sizes. 

These very much hands-on sessions, where Francis joins them into the pool, are very much focused for those who are having great difficulty with their body due to pain or other physical conditions - e.g. neurological conditions. Patient can also do this independently or with some level of supervision - much like the exercise classes above. 

If you are having hardship with rehabilitations for conditions such as severe complex regional pain sydrome, neurological disorders, post-amputations or spinal cord injuries, Francis can help you and find the most individualised and affordable long-term solution. 


While our model can seem somewhat complicated, we ask you to simply trust us. We will discuss options for you every step of the way so you are on a plan that you feel comfortable, with the best result possible.

Please contact Francis at or 0220 877 949 (texting usually is the best).